Make Studio at Silicon Beach 2017

Silicon Beach kicked off this year with the likes of Matt Desmier showcasing his lovely legs to the audience in Bournemouth’s seafront Pavilion. With 22 hand-picked speakers over the course of two days, we saw and participated (a lot of participation this year) in talks discussing the resistance that’s bubbling up against the distraction of technology and notifications (‘Designing the digital resistance’ by Victoria Buchanan) to the chaos of our creative world and how to relinquish control of creative projects (‘Chaos’ by Bo Hellberg).


Over the two days the Make Team dived in and out of different talks. At the end of the two days we couldn’t really find any commonalities between ourselves with likes and dislikes about the talks, each one of us had our own opinions and connected to different speakers. The only commonality found was the eagerness to avoid Bo Hellberg’s eyes when he brought people up on stage to create a story about a monkey, lightbulbs, a sauna and a Volvo (don’t ask).


However, we all noticed an interesting theme raised its head this year. All of us are finding this theme more and more with the different articles we read, events we go to and the general chatter around the digital community in Bournemouth. This new first world issue of over connectivity or digital distraction is causing a huge drop in focus, attention and a large increase in the addiction of the fleeting. This is something that resonated with a lot of us here at Make, putting our creative ideas into perspective about how we can approach a new age of simple and centred creativity. As designers in a digital world, we were encouraged to start taking a stand against the over notified designs of apps and websites and start helping the world find its focus again. An example of a company already pursuing this idea through their latest campaign is Nike. Victoria Buchanan showcased Nike’s latest ad ‘Time is precious’ which we really recommend you watch:


There were so many more talks that we all enjoyed and found thought provoking. I think we have all found a refreshed love for Twitter after the talk from David Wilding, and we’re all eager to be more B.R.A.V.E. (Bold, Resilient, Authentic, Visionary and Empowering) in our creativity after hearing from David McQueen.


Overall it has been a brilliantly inspiring year at Silicon Beach 2017. Not just from the talks but catching up with other liked minded people in the break has been encouraging for us all, helping us remember that we’re building Bournemouth as a collective and not just as a ‘one man band’ (or studio). Super excited for the year ahead and ‘bring on Silicon Beach 2018’ is a resounding chorus in our studio.