Make Studio


We are a creative experience agency, driven by design to help brands connect on a human level.

Our clients share a common philosophy, they value design and innovation and are driven by the need to be differentiated by the quality of their products and the excellence of their services.

We’ve worked with B2B organisations, consumer electronics manufacturers, property developers and start-ups to establish valuable emotional connections with their customers.



Our collaborative approach reduces time and produces value through a quality of design that regularly exceeds expectations and builds lasting heritage. We worry about the big picture and the detail and that’s why our projects all begin in much the same way with a period of immersion, where we get a thorough understanding of our clients, their brand, their aims, purpose and their project requirements.


Our Process

Through our immersive process we develop concept driven solutions that engage with our client’s customers and users to create advantage, position premium brands and enable them to resonate in complex and developing markets. Producing tomorrow’s memories.



Make Studio provide a wide variety of services, to enable our clients to connect with their customers and users, building reputation through memorable products and services.

We deliver Research, Analysis, Insights, Strategy, Design, Vision and UX across Brand and Identity, Campaign Creation, Digital Design and Experiences, Motion Graphics, CGI and Film