From concept creation and brand strategy, to visual identity and CGI, our creative family have a variety of expertise.


Our members work with internationally recognised brands from their offices, home and shared workspaces in Boscombe.


Whether they’re designers, writers, animators or filmmakers, if you meet one of members and they’ll always be happy to tell you about their latest project.


Ultimately, BCA gives creatives the chance to come together to generate ideas, events and projects that support the town we love.

Want to join the BCA family?

You’ll need to be a registered commercial creative business that is within the Boscombe and Pokesdown. Contact us if this is you and you want to be involved.

Are you emerging talent and want to know more?

If you’re looking for opportunities within the creative and digital sector, want to know more about us the BCA family and want to attend our events – sign up to our newsletter and follow us on social media. We’ll let you know when the next big thing is.